Patty’s Peppers is a gourmet pepper company named in honor of the founder’s mother, Patty, and features the uncommon but amazing Hungarian Wax pepper.
In 1963 just outside of Youngstown,Ohio, Patty canned her first jar of peppers. She acquired the recipe from her new neighbor, recent immigrants from the Abruzza region of Italy, who had moved to ‘The Rust Belt’ in search work in steel mill jobs for the American dream. Luckily for us they brought over their amazing recipes. My mom and Jane became inseparable, lifelong friends. An autumn tradition began as they would drive the 45 minutes to Amish country to purchase many bushels of “Hunky Hots”. They would can several hundreds of jars each fall. Each year more popular than the last.

My Uncle Joe moved across the street in 1971 and began to grow and can his own Hungarian Wax peppers, no doubt influenced by Jane. Thus, the neighborhood sibling pepper rivalry was born. In town my moms became known as “Patty’s peppers in oil” and “Joe’s peppers in sauce”.

As I moved off to college mom and Joe would often send me pepper packages but they were quickly devoured and there never seemed to be enough to go around. As I moved to Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Florida I could never find anything remotely close to my family’s peppers. So in 2011, with Mom’s blessing, Patty’s Peppers was born. After three years of hard work, dedication, testing, failing, trial and error, researching, and learning, I found the perfect farmers and co-packer to replicate mom and Joe’s amazing product. They hit the shelves in October 2014 and the rest is history.

The Pepper-tunities are endless!
Picky People Pick Patty’s Perfect Peppers!

  • 1963

    Mrs. Patty Derr’s friendship with an Italian immigrant began a neighborhood tradition of cooking with Amish Hungarian hot wax peppers

  • 1971

    Uncle Joe began growing and canning his own “hunky hots” which led to a friendly, sibling pepper rivalry


  • 2014

    Patty’s son, Patrick, continues the family pepper tradition founding “Patty’s Peppers”

  • 2015

    We were one of 11 products out of 260 to be chosen in 2015 for the “Winn Local” program.


  • 2016

    August 2016 we were the only one of the 11 to be chosen for national warehouse expansion.
    Performance at WD Local was strong enough to move into the mainline.

  • 2018

    Patty’s Peppers grows to 625 stores


Where to find Pattys Peppers

Whole Foods- All Florida locations

Island Produce- Tierra Verde, Fl.

Pasta Faire-Belleview,Fl.

3 Dot Dash- Tampa

Rolin’ Oats- St. Pete

Fruitville Groves- Sarasota

City Produce - St. Pete

Jug & Bottle Depot-Tampa

4th St.Pizza- St.Pete.

Sammy’s Seafood Wholesale Market- St. Pete

Texas Hill Country Olive Company Store- Dripping Springs, Texas

The Shopkeep Company- Terry, Mississippi

Brick Street Farms- St. Petersburg

BulkFoods Superstore- Sun City, Florida

Bayshore Market- Tampa

United Supermarkets- Texas and New Mexico

Sunny Tomatoes- Parrish, Fl

Pete’s General Store- St. Petersburg

Live and Life store- Ellenton

DeCosmo’s Italian Market- Pinellas Park, Fl.

Tour De Pizza- St. Petersburg


ONLY 5 All Natural Ingredients

  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • No Calcium Chloride or Citrus Acid
  • No Dyes or Food Coloring
  • Non-GMO
  • No MSG
  • Gluten- Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Zero Trans Fats
  • Low in Saturated Fats
  • Low in Sodium and Cholesterol

Future Goals

  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • HSN
  • HEB
  • Wegmans

Whole foods, the fresh market
Grocery store chains in bigger, ethnic cities like New York Boston Philadelphia Chicago.
Mancini packing is taking over. They are about an hour drive from here. They are established, legendary, and in virtually every big grocery store chain up the East Coast and Midwest. They’re gonna be making the 12 ounce jar not the 16 and a better lid. I certainly hope the same quality but more consistency and cheaper. Most importantly my margins are better

He said he would give my product to all his brokers and they would contact the buyers. This jumps over so many hurtles for me. Mancini would want to succeed just as much as myself.

*One more thing. Leigh is right, since Publix is doing a Florida local program this spring perhaps that would be The best avenue with Publix. My company is located in Florida, the peppers are grown in Florida, and Co packed in Florida Buy a Florida institution, Mancini Peppers

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Santiva General Sore- Sanibel, Fl.

Santiva General Store

United Supermarkets- Texas and New Mexico

Albertsons- Texas and New Mexico

Detwiler’s Markets- All locations

Starkey Market- Trinity, Fl.

Market Street- Texas and New Mexico

Hitchcock’s Markets- All locations

Coming soon: United Supermarkets - Texas and New Mexico

Match Point Grill- St. Petersburg

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